Complex Civil Litigation and Trial Law is the firm's calling card. Del Toro & Santana has one of the most successful dispute resolution practices in Puerto Rico. Our success rate is among the highest, despite handling some of the most challenging and legally complex cases. Our trial-oriented approach allows us to focus on trial strategy and themes from the beginning of the case. In our experience, while most cases settle before trial, a strong trial-based case development strategy often results in favorable settlements due to early pretrial victories and the impact on the adversary of knowing that the client is ready and willing to try the case successfully if a reasonable settlement is not possible. This approach requires significant senior-level participation from the earliest phases of the case and close coordination with the in-house team.

Our trial-oriented approach is possible because the Firm has a deep bench of senior trial lawyers and an uncommon commitment to training its young lawyers. Lawyers at Del Toro & Santana have continuosly and habitually tried successfully to verdict or judgment cases in a wide variety of disciplines, businesses, industries and technologies.

Del Toro & Santana emphasizes excellence in every aspect of legal practice. This emphasis is demonstrated by the Firm's recruiting only the most talented attorneys in the island, providing continuing training of lawyers at its own expense, and requiring direct partner involvement to assure that our work product reflects the skill and judgment of our most experienced lawyers.

We have brought together a team of highly-qualified attorneys and staff. Trusted and respected, this strong team is committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome to their particular situation.

We are fully equipped to provide ethical, diligent counsel and legal representation to develop the strongest defense possible on behalf of our clients. Our highly-qualified attorneys are fully prepared to go to trial and present the case to a judge or to a jury. Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients in a variety of cases.

The attorneys in our firm have tried federal and local cases (including bankruptcy), patent disputes, employment discrimination, construction contracts, title insurance coverage, surety bond issues, commercial contract disputes, dealership law disputes and maritime, environmental and securities matters.


Federal court trials often involve constitutional issues and class actions that have the ability to impact thousands of individuals, if not more. Del Toro & Santana has established a reputation for successfully litigating cases within the federal court system. With federal litigation as a cornerstone of the firm since its founding in 1984, Del Toro & Santana has a track record of having the right lawyers and the right resources to handle the complex legal, factual and cultural challenges that are present in interstate and international disputes. We often partner with stateside law firms that service our national clients to bring in sub specialized legal expertise to a given matter.

At Del Toro & Santana our emphasis is on trial law. We consider ourselves to be trial lawyers.  A trial lawyer is a litigator who actually goes to trial as opposed to other lawyers, who build their case as the case progresses and who seldom, if ever, go to trial. Our approach to litigation ensures our clients have the best strategy in place to ensure the best possible outcome at trial. Undoubtedly, many cases are indeed settled before trial because of the unique position we create by focusing on the trial strategy and not just merely litigation.

Del Toro & Santana’s litigation practice is focused on winning key motions, finding strategic opportunities to negotiate a settlement, compelling arbitration or winning at trial. We are also keenly aware of how important it is to contain and manage litigation costs, even in "bet-the-company" and "high stakes" cases.

Del Toro & Santana is a results-oriented law firm.
Our lawyers are highly experienced in their areas of practice and are very effective in achieving the desired goals for our clients no matter how complex or difficult the case may seem. We focus our efforts in areas where we can be most effective in advising our clients. Furthermore, we evaluate all our cases based on risk analysis to give our clients the most cost-effective way to attain a favorable ruling or settlement.

Our strong and diverse team of lawyers is top caliber.
We take pride in the individuals that make up Del Toro & Santana and we know that our multi-faceted team of lawyers and paralegals will be an asset to our clients, not only in the courtroom, but in many areas of their business. Del Toro & Santana is also committed to our community and we are constantly doing our part in enhancing the quality of life of our communities through our work as well as through our involvement with our clients.