Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") is the process of resolving legal conflicts without going to trial. Our attorneys have extensive expertise in ADR methods. When handling a case, our lawyers routinely meet with the parties to promote settlement without incurring in the high cost of litigation. Del Toro & Santana has a history of resolving disputes through intensive negotiation, arbitration and mediation. Reaching a mutually acceptable mediation or arbitration can be highly advantageous. Among other things, the process is confidential, which often means that sensitive cases can be resolved without publicity.


A decision to arbitrate can be strategic, particularly in highly technical cases in which a judge or jury is not likely to understand the industry. In those situations it is sometimes beneficial to arbitrate before people who know the nuances, jargon and traditions of specific industries.

By selecting arbitration, a client can avoid the difficulty of educating a judge or a jury about particular business practices, process or system. As a result, we believe this substantially increases the chances that the decision will be made based on an understanding of the client's business instead of general legal principles which sometimes do not reflect the reality within which a company operates. Usually the arbitrator is well-versed in the particular industry in which the dispute arises.


Recognizing the benefits of mediation, courts and clients all over the world are driving the growth and use of mediation. The overcrowded court system has prompted many judges to demand that parties mediate their disputes outside the courtroom and our federal local rules even allow court mandated mediation. By the same token, sophisticated parties usually prefer to settle disputes sooner rather than later, with the least expense and the least disruption to their business.

While there are certain advocacy skills that lawyers use at the courthouse and in arbitration, these skills may not be nearly as effective in an informal mediation setting when the parties are trying to settle a dispute. In mediation, our lawyers skillfully tailor the presentation of the case and the rationale supporting settlement to maximize the opportunity for a favorable outcome for our client.

Del Toro & Santana lawyers can move easily between traditional litigation and ADR, matching our widely recognized courtroom capabilities with exceptional negotiation skills.

Del Toro & Santana is a results-oriented law firm.
Our lawyers are highly experienced in their areas of practice and are very effective in achieving the desired goals for our clients no matter how complex or difficult the case may seem. We focus our efforts in areas where we can be most effective in advising our clients. Furthermore, we evaluate all our cases based on risk analysis to give our clients the most cost-effective way to attain a favorable ruling or settlement.

Our strong and diverse team of lawyers is top caliber.
We take pride in the individuals that make up Del Toro & Santana and we know that our multi-faceted team of lawyers and paralegals will be an asset to our clients, not only in the courtroom, but in many areas of their business. Del Toro & Santana is also committed to our community and we are constantly doing our part in enhancing the quality of life of our communities through our work as well as through our involvement with our clients.